4 effective ways on how to fix ABS light on car drivers should know

How to fix ABS light on car? If the ABS light remains illuminated for an extended period of time without going out, there is a problem with the anti-lock braking system. If you are concerned that the ABS light will interfere with the operation of the entire brake system, do not become alarmed. Fear not; your car’s brakes are still functioning; just the anti-lock braking system (ABS) is malfunctioning; this is not a significant issue, but ABS brakes can be quite helpful in some emergency situations. In the following article, we will guide you how to fix ABS light on car.


The driver typically won’t notice if the car has an ABS system installed or not if they don’t pay attention to the ABS system’s emblem. Because the driver won’t be able to clearly feel it when operating the vehicle and applying the brake under typical circumstances. However, the new ABS anti-lock braking system comes into full operation when an accident happens and the vehicle brakes suddenly.

ECU (hydraulic control unit), anti-lock brake controller, ABS warning light, car front / rear wheel sensor, pressurization device, and ABS are all parts of the ABS structure. Systems come in a variety of forms, brakes with ABS, such as hydraulic or pneumatic brakes…

What is ABS anti-lock braking system?

What is ABS anti-lock braking system?

ABS is a safety feature that was introduced in the US in the late 1970s and is thought to be capable of greatly decreasing both the frequency and severity of traffic accidents. ABS has proven to be efficient and necessary for cars today through the tests.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS), commonly referred to as anti-locking brake system (ALB), is a modern active safety element installed on cars to reduce losses and safeguard the vehicle guarantee user safety.

If you look closely, dashboards of cars with ABS anti-lock braking systems will include a signal light. But it should be mentioned that if the automobile has ABS and the signal light does not illuminate after the ignition has been on for around 3 seconds, you need to identify the problem and find out how to fix ABS light on car.

How does the ABS system work?

How does the ABS system work?

This system functions by processing data from the front and rear wheel sensors to instruct the oil valve to open or close. For instance, brake fluid is delivered to the brake units at each wheel when you apply the brakes firmly.

The ECU will gather and process data from the sensors at this time, as well as when it detects a warning sign that the wheels are about to lock, such as when the controller notices that one or more wheels are rotating more slowly than the others. The valve will close, stopping the flow of brake fluid. Instead, brake fluid will be pumped again to keep the vehicle moving during slow deceleration, preventing the wheels from locking up. Then it will output a signal to reduce the pressure applied to the brake, reducing the braking force on the slowly rotating wheels.

How to fix ABS light on car when the ABS indicator light comes on?

The anti-lock braking system of the car is malfunctioning if the ABS brake light is illuminated. The most common failure points are the wheel sensor, the sensor itself, or the electricity. The sensor head may simply be dirty in some cases, and excessive brake pad wear is the most evident explanation.

Check the handbrake

On occasion, the handbrake may not be all the way down. The handbrake often works separately from the vehicle’s primary braking system. But even if the primary braking system fails, the handbrake can still be engaged provided it is electrically operated.

Therefore, if the handbrake is not correctly dropped, the ABS light will turn on. If the ABS indicator light is on, you should first make sure that the handbrake has been dropped as far as it can go. If not, you should do so before confirming that the ABS indicator light is still on.

Check brake fluid level

Check brake fluid level

The oil pressure in the ABS system will drop if the brake fluid level in the reservoir is low, which will reduce braking efficiency, especially when trying to stop while driving quickly, this will be quite risky. As a result, how to fix ABS light on car is checking the brake fluid level and, if necessary, add extra if necessary.

Check brake fluid hose

How to fix ABS light on car

The brake fluid pipe on vehicles with ABS brakes will be split into two circuits, one for the front wheels and one for the back wheels. Both the indicator light and the oil pressure will be decreased if one of the two oil circuit tubes leaks.

Check the sensors in the ABS system

Check the sensors in the ABS system

The signal from the speed sensors found in the wheel hub is what the ABS system relies on the most. The ABS brake light will glow to alert the driver if these sensors malfunction.


In summary, these sensors are prone to damage due to the humid and wet climate. During movement, they may become soiled or covered in mud or dirt, which will degrade or obliterate the sensor signal transmitted to the ECU. It is because of this that the ABS light illuminates even when the engine is operating. In addition, an ECU, a loose sensor connector, or a broken wire may be to blame.

Try shutting off the engine, waiting a time, and then restarting the car after making sure everything is in order. Take the automobile to the shop to have it checked out and fixed using a diagnostic machine if the ABS light is still on after a regular start.

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