Car Joke

A Lesson In Fighter Plane Humility

A C-130 was lumbering along when a cocky F-16 flashed by.

The jet jockey decided to show off and told the C-130 pilot: ‘watch this!’ and promptly went into a barrel roll followed by a steep climb.

He then finished with a sonic boom as he broke the sound barrier.
The F-16 pilot asked the C-130 pilot what he thought of that?

The C-130 pilot said, ‘That was impressive, but watch this!’

The C-130 droned along for about 5 minutes and then the C-130 pilot came back on and said: ‘What did you think of that?’

Puzzled, the F-16 pilot asked, ‘What the heck did you do?’

The C-130 pilot chuckled.

‘I stood up, stretched my legs, walked to the back, took a leak, then got a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll.”

And the lesson?

When you are young & foolish – speed & flash may seem a good thing.

When you get older & smarter – comfort & boredom is not such a bad thing.

Us older folks understand this one, it’s called

S.O.S – Slower, Older and Smarter!



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