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Backyard Treasure: 1957 Porsche 356A Speedster.

During the 1950s, foreign manufacturers were beginning to infiltrate the American market with small, sporty cars, designed to look good as well as win races.

Our feature car could be described as a little worse for wear, as it hasn’t moved in over 40 years from the back yard in which it is currently taking up residence.

It is likely the 1582cc (1.6L) four-cylinder, capable of producing 59hp when new.

While heavily oxidized, the good news is that all major components appear to be present and everything is still fully assembled. Missing pieces and/or a half-finished rebuild would likely mean a more difficult restoration.

The interior is very much the same story as the engine bay, as most parts appear to be present and accounted for. While not visible above, the seats are included, and like the door panels, they will provide an excellent pattern for reupholstery. Another key component is the convertible top frame, currently exposed and in the top-up position.

With only 76,000 units produced over its seventeen-year model run, only half of all 356s are estimated to survive today.

Porsche experts are, of course, the most knowledgeable on their subject of interest, but can also be quite vocal on any impurities an example may exhibit.

So Porschephiles, what can you tell us about this car? Is it worth the cost of restoration, or would you consider it too far gone?


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