Check Out This 1993 Toyota Hilux Motorhome.

The demand for luxury campers is increasing with the whole pandemic situation. It is not easy to cramp in a full house on a truck. But the 1993 Toyota Hilux Galaxy Motorhome seen here happens to be a prime example of maximum utilization of space with 90s lux-appeal.

This camper is slightly smaller in dimensions than the rugged GMC Sierra 1500 but has a lot more going behind the driver’s seat. Camper vans are quite the craze in Japan. During the 90s, it was seen as a symbol of luxury and only those with thick pockets could own one.

Velour upholstery was the lux-appeal back then, and this one is wrapped all around in it. The floral theme gives it a soothing ambiance as well. Despite its compact size, the interior houses two sets of beds, a bathroom, a stacked kitchen, and quirky Japanese technology.
This rare 1993 Toyota Hilux Galaxy Camper is compact, robust, and filled with flowers.

I: This 1993 Toyota Hilux Galaxy Camper Is A Rare Find:
There is a huge demand for 90s Japanese vehicles in the US. Well, at first thought, it’s the icons like Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline GT-R, and the Mazda RX-7 that come to mind. But well-kept motorhomes like the Hilux Galaxy camper seen here are also a craze. These motorhomes are known to be extremely reliable and are built solid to take anything that is thrown at it. This two-decade-old camper will not let you down on trials.

II: With A 90 HP Diesel Engine, It Can “Slowly” Go The Distance:
This motorhome is powered by a 2.8-Liter Naturally-Aspirated Inline-4 engine that pumps out a humble 90 HP and 139 lb-ft of torque. These figures are painful for something that carries a lot of weight. But the mechanically injected powerplant has the advantage of being very reliable.
So, you can go places, just slowly. Cruising at around 70 MPH is possible and we feel that it’s just the right spot. Because of the absence of electronics including an ECU for controlling the engine, there is less to worry about. It has standard 4WD and packs a 5-Speed manual gearbox.
The setup is said to return around 20-22 MPG which is commendable for a motorhome. The front solid axle packs mechanically locking hubs. So, tricky trail rides won’t bring about much stress to the tires.



III: As Big As A Full-Sized Pick-Up With Clever Aero Bits:
This 1993 Toyota Hilux Camper is 18 feet long, which makes it marginally longer than a Ford F-150. So, it surely has the road presence. This particular example is finished in a soothing dual-tone shade of vanilla and light olive green. And because it’s a global model, it comes with the pop-top tab over setup for an extra bed space.
There are clever bits here that optimize aerodynamics. We aren’t kidding! Those chunky blocks that you see attached to the lower end of the doors help dissipate airflow and reduce drag from air hitting on the motor home structure. Also, that factory-fitted aluminum side-steps add to its purpose-built appeal. The rear also comes with a storage compartment mounted vertically.


IV: Velour Upholstered Interior Reminds Us Of 90s Japanese Luxury:
Open the door, and you are treated to a fluffy driver’s seat. The whole interior is wrapped in floral-themed velour upholstery. The carpeting is shag, and we are sure that it feels heavenly! Most of the interior is stock and the electronics work!
The center console packs a digital screen that doubles as a rearview camera. It also has a tiny CRT display that used to be the original backup camera screen. It isn’t connected now, but still switches on. The digital screen is all in Japanese, so Google Lens will come in handy there! Hopping in will instantly take you back to the 90s.

V: The Homespace Is Surprisingly Roomy:
The Camper is surprisingly spacious and even packs two sets of beds. The makeshift bed transforms into a sofa on one end, and a dining layout on the other end. There is a well-stacked kitchen space and even a bathroom towards the rear. There is provision for hot water and storage inlets are present on either side of the exterior.
The onboard generator gets its power from a separate 8-gallon gas tank. This Toyota can hold a total of 25 gallons of fresh water, of which 10 gallons is hot water. The cab-over bead has a pop-top tab that opens up a cozy sleeping space with a view of the sky above.

VI: This One’s Already Sold:
The specimen we see here was already sold, before its arrival in November 2021. It is very rare to come across these Japanese Camper vans that are well-maintained. If you are keen on getting your hands on one, better buckle up and contact OttoEx right away.


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