Commvault – The Best Data Management Software for Enterprise

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One of the most difficult challenges for a business is broadening its database.

Storage issues, data sharing,  complex management issues, and auditing are some of the issues that one may encounter when attempting to expand their database. A company needs the proper data management strategy as well as the best data management software for enterprise to drive growth.

About Commvault

Commvalt is data management software that offers enterprise-class protection and recovery for virtual machines, containers, databases, applications (including cloud-based applications), endpoints, and files. Commvault enables you to manage backed-up data and workloads both on-premises and in any public cloud.

Commvault is an enterprise-level data system that includes modules for data backup, restoration, archiving, replicating, and searching. It is created from the ground up on a unified platform and code base. Complete Backup and Recovery,  Orchestrate disaster recovery, HyperScale integrated appliances, and Activate analytics are its four product lines. This is offered in both cloud and on-premises configurations.

Commvault- data management software for business

Why Commvault is the best data management software for enterprise?

Every organization’s lifeblood is data, and effective data management is vital to success. Commvault data management software offers a complete solution for protecting, accessing, and utilizing data, whether on-premises or in the cloud. 

About Commvault  Software

The integrated enterprise-level information and data management solution known as Commvault was developed using a consistent source code base as well as a single platform. All functions use the same back-end technology to provide benefits and advantages with a comprehensive approach to management, data protection, and access.

Commvault includes modules for data protection, analysis, replication, storage, and retrieval, all of which share a similar set of cutting-edge features as well as back-end services. This allows for infinite scalability, data control, and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of enterprise data management.

Installing agent software on physical servers and virtual machines secures data by utilizing the operating system’s or application’s native APIs to maintain data consistency. The agent software on the customer’s computer processes production data, which is then backed up to disk, tape, or cloud storage by MediaAgent, the data manager. Administrators can manage all data management operations in the environment using CommServe, a single server, and a centralized user interface. End users can access protected data using web browsers as well as mobile devices.

Outstanding Features

Commvault data management software has the following key features:

Backup and Restore

Commvault backups and restores enterprise information and data from most operating databases, systems, and applications in a seamless and efficient manner. Agents interact with the file and applications in backup and restore systems, enabling data transfer from the manufacturing systems to the protected environment.

Archiving and OnePass

With data archiving, you can maintain, store, categorize, and access data by compliance,  business activity, or value using a single access as well as a preservation method for all electronically stored information.

OnePass is the first backup, archiving, and reporting process. It combines both backup and archive processes in a single data collection operation, transferring the data to storage space, where the data performs as a backup. and archived copies. This can handle large amounts of e – mail and document growth at no extra cost, while having managed content storage depending on its value to the company. ​

Database Archiving Agent: Securely stores dormant information in both the storage database and backup media, while also allowing ease of access to archived data from the data base. export. Traditional storage agent: Move infrequently used mailbox items from primary memory to secondary storage to save space and also provide long-term data preservation at a lower cost. ​

Integration of Virtual Machines

Commvault can virtualize even the most demanding applications by utilizing deep integration into the virtualized environment to just provide advanced data management as well as automate virtual machine protection. Commvault quickly protects all virtual machines and unifies data from physical as well as virtualized environments. You can also optimize file recovery and storage for virtual machines and virtualized applications. No virtual machines are left unprotected with auto policy-based virtual machine protection.

End-to-end solutions

Commvault also provides end users with anywhere access, data security, and search capabilities to protect against data breaches while enabling self-service. End users have immediate access to the documents, no matter where they are created, and can securely share, lookup, and recover files using desktops, mobile devices, and computers.


By finding and eliminating duplicate data blocks during backup, the software’s built-in deduplication lessens backup time while saving storage and networking resources. Before data transmission to mass storage, all types of data from Windows, Linux, as well as UNIX operating systems are de-duplicated, reducing the time and bandwidth needed to transfer data by up to 90%, the space required for storage, and the time required for data recovery.

Cons, Pros, Cost of Commvault as the best data management software for enterprise

The best data management software for enterprise, Commvault has many advantages and disadvantages. It is known for its reasonable cost.

benefit of Commvault the best data management software for enterprise


  • Remote backup installation and configuration are excellent.
  • Software cache is the best option because it downloads all of the necessary packages in one place and can be used to install them.
  • The tool is incorporated with the report, and it has a lot of good options for auditing.
  • Under security, you can create a group of users with varying levels of access. That is a fantastic option.
  • When you contact support and need to send logs, it is very simple to do so because it is integrated with the job.
  • Support is excellent, and engineers provide detailed information on the issue for which we have opened a case.
  • COmmvault’s documentation and knowledge base (KB) is excellent.
  • Its training is also excellent.


  • The product may appear complex as well as prone to being specific and throwing errors. This is due to its vast and far-reaching nature, as well as its interactions with the systems it supports.
  • The logs contain all of the information you require, but they can also be overwhelming as well as time-consuming to fully comprehend – however, this promotes a better understanding of the product as well as the systems you are backing up!


Commvault software is available through the company and a large network of reliable partners. Commvault HyperScale appliance deployment typically takes 1-2 weeks, relying on the customer environment as well as other variables. Commvault offers several pricing options, such as consumption-based pricing as well as annual subscription-based licensing. 

Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery is valued at $0.27 per GB per month (paid annually). Each month, Commvault Hyperscale charges $0.02 per gigabyte (pay annually). Reach the official Commvault website for more information on service costs.

Customer services

Every day, thousands of customers around the world trust and use Commvault to manage their data. Commvault customer support offers flexible service options with multiple communication channels to meet the needs of the most demanding environments. They also offer a range of services that allow customers to reduce data management costs, reduce business risk, and ensure consistent access.


To summarize, if you own a business, you should strongly take into account using Commvault as the best data management software for enterprise. It is extremely user-friendly as well as provides a wide range of features to assist you in managing your data most efficiently. 

Furthermore, Commvault is constantly working to improve its software to ensure that it stays the best data management software for enterprise. So, if you’re looking for the best software for data management for business, Commvault is unquestionably the best option! Was our article of assistance to you?

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