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Ford Mustang Fastback Destined For Restomod Fame.

If you know Dennis Collins, he’s one of the more famous barn find hunters out there. The man is always searching for rare vehicles to rescue from literal barns as well as garages, sheds, and even open fields. One of the cars he admits he will always take, no matter the condition, is a 1965 to 1970 Ford Mustang Fastback. Like so many others, the man thinks they are incredibly attractive.

Even if you aren’t much of a Mustang fan, you’ve got to admit the classic Fastbacks are probably the most attractive ever made. If you don’t agree, that’s perfectly fine, just it means you’re wrong. Anyway, Collins will take these ponies in any condition because he knows no matter what he can put them to good use.

The one he rescues in the video below, which was sitting in McKinney, Texas, isn’t in good mechanical condition. That doesn’t deflate Collins one bit since he figures it’s the perfect candidate for a restomod. That’s the great thing about classics which no longer are numbers-matching cars, including if they just don’t have an engine and transmission installed anymore, or the interior has been completely gutted.

After all, a restomod usually involves throwing a modern or more modern powertrain in the car. A nice, plus, more modern interior with all kinds of luxuries we just love these days is also usually in order. It’s really best if you don’t pay for the factory equipment, although you can always take that stuff off the car and sell it to people who are doing period-correct restorations.

Where Collins picks up this car, which wasn’t easy to negotiate for, is a property filled with all kinds of cool classic cars. For example, there’s a nice 1971 Pontiac Trans Am sitting outside a barn, right next to an old Ford pickup. But what these guys want is the Fastback Mustang, which as you’ll see in the video is sitting by some trees with no hood and mismatched wheels. To non-car people it looks like junk, but to us it looks like potential.


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