The 10 Best Dead Car Battery Tricks Help Your Car Live Again

Dead car battery tricks will help you revive dead car batteries quickly. Wherever your car battery dies, you can restart your car with a few easy dead car battery hacks.

Car batteries can die anywhere from any cause, whether you’re driving a car with a new or used car battery. Therefore, it is essential to learn the methods of flat car batteries.

Especially at this time, car manufacturers are also providing some useful solutions for low-battery vehicles for drivers to use.

As a technician, I will share with you and present the best dead car battery techniques to start your car.

The Best Dead Car Battery Tricks Help Your Car Live Again With 10 Great Solutions 

Use A Portable Jump Starter

Starting a dead car battery with a portable jump starter is one of those dead car battery tricks that really help.

Even a brand-new car battery can die at any time, so you should keep a portable starter in your car at all times.

The portable jump starter supplies power quickly to a dead battery so it can start up again.

It can be challenging to ask a stranger to start your dead car battery, especially during busy times like these. Thus, using a portable starter eliminates the need for a second vehicle to start your vehicle.

You simply connect your car battery to the portable starter and drive away to get charged to start the dead car battery.

The typical price of a portable jump starter is $150 to $270, but remember to invest in a higher quality one.
Portable starters are usually small in size, making it easy to transport anywhere in your car or truck.

Leave The Car For A Couple Of Minutes

One of the best Dead Car Battery Tricks and the most disdain is for cars to rest for a while.

The continuous electrochemical processes take place inside the car battery to provide energy for electrical systems.

Your car will not start because the battery stops making electrochemical reactions for many unknown causes.

Your car will start if you leave the car idle for a few minutes so that the battery can start performing electrochemical reactions again.
But panic is the most often among car owners. The first trick you need to do if your car battery dies is to allow it some time to recharge.

I often recommend leaving your car for a few minutes before trying to start the engine before using any tactics to revive the dead car battery.

Smear Petroleum Jelly On The Battery

Smear Petroleum Jelly On The Battery

After reading this tips for healing this motorbike battery, I know you are very confused, but still need to note.

When your car battery is dead, you can use any mineral oil you use to moisturize the skin throughout the winter.

The conductivity is found in kerosene to help the battery supply the engine more effectively.

Another advantage of applying mineral oil to the top of the battery is that it helps prevent year -round corrosion.

The maintenance of car batteries is not corroded even more difficult, especially in the winter, too much corrosion will make the battery slowly degraded.

To prevent your car battery from dying, you should regularly apply any kerosene on the battery. One of the good car cars tricks that you need to proceed regularly for your car so it can operate well

Trick The Car Computer By Accelerator

One of the most frequent methods in the amazing dead car battery tricks to restart a dead car battery is pumping the accelerator.

We sometimes car owners discover that even when the battery is in perfect condition, the car still struggles to start. However, by following a few simple instructions, you can trick the car’s computer into firing the engine again.

Today, computers are automatically in charge of all vehicles. Because of this, if the vehicle’s computer notices a problem, it will prevent the engine from starting until the problem has been resolved.

Usually, the vehicle’s faulty coolant temperature sensor prevents the engine from starting; This problem occurs when there is too much air in the engine compartment.

The coolant temperature sensor problem with cars can be solved with this flat car battery method to get the car back on the road.

By deflating your car’s gas pedal or accelerator before starting the engine, you can solve this problem in no time.

More gasoline is delivered to the engine when the gas pedal is depressed, ensuring that the engine has enough fuel to start.

Use Soda To Clean The Corrosion

Use Soda To Clean The Corrosion


However, did you know that a bottle of Coke, Pepsi or any other soda can be used to remove corrosion from your car’s battery terminal? Also, you may already know that corrosion is the most obvious indicator of a dead car battery.

Corrosion can be cleaned up with any carbonated soft drink, which is a simple but effective dead battery repair.

Corrosion on car batteries can cause a number of difficulties, including diminishing battery performance and electrical problems with the vehicle.

It’s simple and straightforward to find rust on car batteries. Corrosion is clearly present if you notice a white or greenish material on the battery terminals of your car.

You can start a car with a dead battery if you use this method and discover that it has corrosion in addition to dying.

Disconnect the battery first, then pour Coke, Pepsi or any other carbonated beverage over the battery to eliminate corrosion. Second, try restarting the car after letting the battery sit for a few minutes. one of the cool, cheap and effective dead car battery tricks.

Jumper Cables To Jump The Dead Battery

Starting a car with the help of a jumper cable and another vehicle is one of these dead car battery tricks.

The best thing to do when the car battery is completely dead is to use a jumper cable to jump the dead car. You will want a high quality jumper cable if you want to start the car with a dead battery.

Jumper cables are always recommended by manufacturers and auto mechanics. To start your auto dead battery, you will also require another vehicle with a working battery.

It is sometimes necessary to start a dead car, but you should be familiar with the process. As a result, if you own a car, you should know how to start a dead battery and always have a good jumper cable in the battery.

Rubbing The Battery Terminal

Rubbing The Battery Terminal

The electrical connectors used to attach a load or charger to a battery are called car battery terminals. While the battery is not connected properly, you can still help it power the motor by rubbing and touching the battery connector.

Corrosion is another typical sign of a dead car battery, as I said. Also, the battery terminal itself can corrode. Thus, removing some rust from the battery connection with a wrench or other metal component will allow the battery to power the motor.

Additionally, touching the battery terminals aids your car’s ability to power the electrical system. A strong blow to the battery terminal can damage the battery, so try to avoid hitting it too hard.

After cleaning the corrosion layer from your dead car battery, do it this way.

 Whack The Starter With A Wrench

The engine starts, sometimes called as simple as the boot set, is necessary for the car to start. The boot set of the engine provides the necessary energy.

The boot set is also provided by car batteries. The engine starts, will run the engine, also need to receive enough energy from Pi, however, the car battery is dead to prevent the booter supplying the energy necessary for the engine to run correctly.

For many different reasons Dead Car Battery Tricks, I often discover that the starting engine cannot start the engine even though the battery has provided enough energy.

The most typical symptoms of the error of starting the motorbike engine include the start of the sixtime and the noise of the mill.

You can touch the engine starting with a tool or hammer you have in a car to restart the boot set.

Between your gearbox and your car engine, on the driver’s side, there is a starting engine.

Connect With The Nearest Auto Repair Shop

Connect With The Nearest Auto Repair Shop

When all the dead car battery tricks fail and your car still won’t start, it’s time to call in a professional.

Nowadays, it is also possible to perform car service in a remote area. Roadside assistance is very popular and easy to use. You can also contact an auto repair company to restart your stalled vehicle.

You can connect with a nearby auto expert who can get your dead car back on the road using your smartphone.

The fastest way to contact the nearest car repair company is online.

Open Google Maps on your smartphone, enter the area you are in right now and find nearby car repair companies.

There are several car repair companies and specialist choices available to you. Now choose your service provider in your area.

From your smartphone, call them directly, explain the problem and provide your exact location.

You can seek aid from any roadside assistance as it is very popular and convenient in the United States.

But first, you should try a few ways to start a dead car battery before calling for roadside assistance or an automotive professional.

Use Emergency Trunk Access Feature

If your car’s battery dies, you’ll need to open the trunk of your car to find anything to start the engine.

The body of each car has the necessary tools, such as wrenches and jumper cables. When your car battery fails, you have to open the trunk because of this.

Most contemporary vehicles contain a function called “emergency trunk access” that allows you to access the trunk even if your car’s battery is dead.

Using this function in the car, you can open the trunk without using the key even if the battery is completely dead.

Therefore, when the battery is dead, open the car body with the emergency body access option.


Car owners know dead car battery tricks before embarking on a trip, especially one that can take a while.

The most frequent procedure is to start the car when the battery dies; For this reason, you should always maintain good jumper cables in your vehicle.If your car battery is dead, you can try starting the engine after leaving it for a few minutes as another useful dead car battery trick.

Try to be aware of the warning symptoms of a dead car battery so you can fix or replace it before things go wrong.I usually recommend hiring a professional when the car battery is dead to a novice driver who has never dealt with a dead car battery.


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