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(1964) Chevrolet Impala Begs for Full Restoration.

Just like before, the Impala used pretty much the same recipe, relying on a wide array of engine options in an attempt to target as many customers as possible.

This is why the car was available with both six-cylinder units and V8s, and even the SS could be ordered with any engine in the lineup.

At some level, all these efforts eventually paid off, as a year later, the Impala became the first car in the United States to sell more than 1 million units in 12 months.

The version we have here is a 1964 model that’s now hoping for a full restoration. It’s not an SS, though it was born with a V8 under the hood, and the same unit is still there in charge of moving the vehicle.


The good news is this engine still runs and drives, and given the overall solid condition of the car, this Impala should be an easy restoration project.

The VIN decodes to a 2-door hardtop indeed fitted with a V8 from the factory, though eBay seller mootyssigns says the vehicle now comes with an awful right fender the new buyer will almost certainly want to deal with.

Born in California but then moved to Colorado, this Impala ended up living in New York back in 2015, so it’s now hoping for a full restoration thanks to an eBay auction.

The no-rust body and the generally solid condition make it a good candidate for such a project, though the asking price could eventually make many people simply walk away. The top bid is currently at $8,500, but the reserve is yet to be unlocked, with no mention of its value.


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