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What Kinds of AAA Insurance For Car Are Available? The 7 Benefits and More

Membership in the American Automobile Association (AAA) comes with benefits beyond only travel discounts and roadside help. The business offers its customers AAA insurance for car.

In addition to requiring membership, what sets this car insurance apart is that each of the 25 AAA Auto Clubs in the United States and Canada is independent and provides a range of insurance alternatives.

This review will look at the several kinds of AAA insurance for car available to members, the advantages of having AAA insurance coverage, the company’s rankings for customer service, and more.

What is AAA insurance?

Since 1902, the American Automobile Association (AAA), which operates in more than 50 separate branches nationwide, has provided insurance to Americans. The business has been well-known for its services relating to vehicle and driver safety ever since it was founded. In addition to vehicle insurance, it also offers homes, health, and life insurance, and other things. Additionally, it provides policy bundles and insurance add-ons.

What is AAA insurance?

What Kinds of AAA Insurance For Car Are Available?

You can get various benefits as long as you are a member and pay your dues on time. Through a number of different insurance company underwriters, many AAA clubs offer and sell insurance. Therefore, according on your region, you might find more savings, insurance, and perks.

Like other insurers, AAA will provide you with the most popular insurance protection:

  • Collision
  • Liability
  • Medical payments
  • Personal injury protection
  • Comprehensive
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist

Certain coverage and perks are region-specific. They are occasionally included in standard policies or can be added for a fee:

  • Rental car reimbursement coverage
  • Non-owners insurance
  • Pet coverage if in a car accident
  • GAP insurance
  • Accident forgiveness
  • Rental car coverage

Digital Proof of AAA Insurance For Car

You can access a few things relating to insurance by using the AAA mobile app. For instance, if you get pulled over or are in an accident, you can use the app to present digital evidence of insurance. In some places, you may even use the app to pay your bills or receive an insurance quote.

Benefits of AAA Insurance For Car Membership 

Members may qualify for particular vehicle insurance savings depending on the AAA affiliate, including:

Benefits of AAA Insurance For Car Membership 

Driver Safety Discount: Good drivers can significantly reduce their premiums by 20%.

Discount for students away at school: A 46.7% discount is available if your child is attending college at a location that is at least 100 miles away. They can only take advantage of this discount, though, if they don’t keep a car at school.

Professionals receive a discount: On AAA insurance for car, many experts might anticipate an additional 7.4% reduction.

Multiple-Car Discount: If you purchase AAA insurance for car for two or more vehicles, you might save as much as 27.3%.

Discount for loyalty: After a year, customers who want to remain with AAA will get a 5.6% discount.

Mileage Verified Discount: Customers who consent to have their odometer read by AAA can save up to 19.1%. Depending on their mileage category, customers will receive a different amount of the discount.

Driver Education Discount: You can receive a discount of roughly 5% if you successfully finish a course on safe driving.

At some affiliates, you can also receive savings based on your membership, level of education, occupation, anti-theft device, capacity to pay bills electronically, multiple policies, new car, homeowners, and ability to pay the premium in full.

The savings offered by AAA affiliates will vary depending on the state where you reside. To find out the precise discounts you can take advantage of, check with your local AAA club. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that the person who underwrites your insurance policy will depend on where you live. In some circumstances, the insurance policy may be underwritten by a separate business from AAA.

How Much does AAA’s car insurance cost?

If you’re interested in car insurance, you must join AAA. Depending on where you live, a AAA Classic/Basic membership will run you $40–74 annually. You may expect to pay between $60 and 124 per year for AAA Plus, and between $77 and 164 for AAA Premier. Depending on the level of membership you choose, benefits rise.

You should speak with your local AAA branch to learn more about the specifics because the price of AAA insurance for car varies depending on your state. Make careful to factor in the membership fee when determining the total annual cost.

How satisfied are customers with AAA Insurance For Car?

AAA Customer Service

In the area of Best Insurer for Customer Service, AAA is ranked No. 9 out of 10. 47% of respondents stated they were entirely satisfied with how simple it was to open an auto insurance policy with AAA. 43% of those who contacted AAA customer support said they were entirely satisfied with how simple it was to do so. 39% of respondents responded in the affirmative when asked if they were entirely pleased with the level of customer service they received.

More than 38% of respondents who have submitted a claim indicated they were totally satisfied with how simple it was to open a policy. 40% of people who contacted AAA customer support said they were entirely satisfied with how simple it was to do so. More than 37% of respondents rated the level of customer service as perfect.

How satisfied are customers with AAA Insurance For Car?

AAA Claims Handling

A little over 41% of poll participants said they were entirely satisfied with how simple it was to file a claim with AAA, and more than 34% said the same about their status updates. The majority of respondents about 40% said they were happy with the way their AAA claim was handled.

The bottom line – Who needs to purchase AAA Insurance For Car?

The firm has the highest average rates among the insurers we looked at, so drivers seeking affordable car insurance might not find AAA to be their best option. This covers rates for people with clean and imperfect driving records, as well as rates for all demographic groups aside from teen drivers (who are also among the highest in our poll).

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