2 Amica Homeowners Insurance Policies

Amica Homeowners Insurance are tied for first place in our rankings of the best homeowners insurance providers for 2023. Amica was established in 1907 as the Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America and is headquartered in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Amica currently provides a range of insurance products in addition to house insurance, including car, life, pet, renters, and small business insurance, as well as retirement annuities. In this article, alltin.net will discuss 2 amica homeowners insurance policies.


  • Discounts are offered when purchasing multiple products, including home insurance.

  • Prospective policyholders can obtain quotes online


  • There aren’t home insurance policies in every state.

  • Dividend policies not available in every state

Amica Homeowners Insurance Review

Amica homeowners insurance, the top-ranked insurer in our ranking of the Best Home Insurance Companies of 2023, provides a variety of coverage options and ways to reduce the price of home insurance.

In the event that a loss temporarily makes your home uninhabitable, the Standard Choice insurance from Amica covers your home and any other structures on your property, as well as your personal property, possessions, and the costs of temporary housing. Options include protection against damage to computer equipment and water backup coverage.

All of the coverages from the regular policy, along with extra benefits, are included in the Platinum Choice policy. These include expanded coverage for specific types of property, including jewelry, as well as extra coverage for rebuilding or repair costs. Other advantages include extended coverage for damage to commercial property and protection against credit card theft.

Amica Homeowners Insurance Review
Amica Homeowners Insurance Review

Amica offers both dividend and non-dividend versions of its insurance. Dividend plans give policyholders a portion of their premium payments back; they are unavailable in California, Florida, Missouri, and North Carolina. Bundling house insurance with auto insurance or other policies, receiving discounts for repeat business, and receiving discounts for security features like sprinkler systems are additional ways to save with an Amica policy.

Our example policy, which applies a standard set of characteristics across the companies studied, estimates Amica’s monthly premium at $167.

The independent rating organization AM Best has given the business an A+ grade. Alaska and Hawaii do not offer the company’s house insurance plans.

Bottom Line:

Amica offers two types of house insurance: Standard Choice, which contains the most popular coverage types and a few add-ons, and Platinum Choice, which adds more features and options. Customers can obtain bids and essential information online, and discounts and dividend plans provide opportunities to reduce premium costs.

What does Amica Homeowners Insurance Offer?

Amica offers two homeowner’s insurance plans: Standard Choice Home Coverage and Platinum Choice Home Coverage. The dividends option is available for purchase with both of these programs. Note that coverages differ depending on the policy and the state.

Standard Choice – Amica Homeowners Insurance

Standard Choice - Amica Homeowners Insurance
Standard Choice – Amica Homeowners Insurance

This policy provides fundamental protection for your house:

  • Dwelling.If your home’s structure, including any related structures, is harmed and needs to be repaired or rebuilt following a covered claim, this coverage will pay.
  • Other structures. If your fence, shed, barn, or any other non-dwelling building on your property is damaged, this coverage will cover the costs.
  • Personal property. This coverage pays if your clothes, furniture, electronics, or other items are damaged  in a covered loss.
  • Loss of use.If you and your family are unable to remain in your home due to damage from a covered risk, this coverage, also known as additional living expense (ALE), will cover the cost of your and your family’s interim lodgings. Additionally, it will pay for expenses like going out to eat or pet boarding.
  • Liability. This coverage will cover your legal costs if you or a member of your family is found legally liable for someone else’s property damage or someone else’s injuries.

Platinum Choice – Amica Homeowners Insurance

The Standard Choice policy includes the same fundamental coverages as the Platinum Choice policy, plus a collection of additional coverages that can be purchased separately if you select the Standard Choice policy.

Platinum Choice - Amica Homeowners Insurance
Platinum Choice – Amica Homeowners Insurance
  • Dwelling replacement cost. This coverage provides up to 30% more in dwelling coverage to repair or replace your home after a covered loss.
  • Personal property replacement. After a covered claim, if your electronics, furniture, clothing, or other goods need to be replaced, they will be replaced with brand-new products without taking depreciation into account.
  • Liability and medical payment coverage. This coverage increases limits for liability up to $500,000 and guest medical payments up to $5,000.
  • Valuable items extended coverage. High-value items, such as antiques, fine arts, and jewelry, receive higher coverage limits under the Platinum Choice package.
  • Business property coverage. This coverage will provide up to $5,000 in damages for any home-based commercial property you may have. If your commercial property is damaged away from your home, this amount drops to $2,000.
  • Water backup/sump overflow. This coverage will pay for damage caused by a sump pump failure or overflow or water or sewer lines backing up into your home’s drains.
  • Special computer coverage. If your TV, tablet, laptop, smartphone, or other smart device is harmed by water, heat, or power surges, this coverage offers broader limitations for gadgets.
  • Credit card coverage. If your credit card is stolen or you incur fraudulent expenditures, this coverage can reimburse you up to $5,000.
  • Loss assessment plan. Those who reside in condos or gated communities and suffer losses in communal areas are covered by this insurance.

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