5 Best Homeowners Insurance for Veterans and Military Members

After in-depth research, alltin.net found the following are the top homeowners insurance for veterans and for active-duty military members:

USAA – Homeowners Insurance for Veterans and Military Members

The most well-known and recognized business in the country, USAA specializes in membership-based services for military personnel, veterans, and their families. Despite not being ranked in the 2021 J.D. Power U.S. Home Insurance Study, the company was nevertheless included and outperformed all other providers by a wide margin.

USAA - Homeowners Insurance for Veterans and Military Members
USAA – Homeowners Insurance for Veterans and Military Members

Military families that join USAA have access to a number of perks, including banking services, retirement accounts, house and auto insurance, and numerous discounts for restaurants, car rentals, and other services.

USAA has the most comprehensive standard coverage among the companies in this evaluation thanks to its extra membership advantages. Additionally, it offers special protection for your military gear and uniform in its home insurance products. Additionally, you won’t be required to pay a deductible if these items are destroyed while you are on active or reserve service.


  • Provides home-sharing insurance to safeguard you and your visitors whether you rent out all or a portion of your house.
  • Residents of all states, with the exception of North Carolina, are given identity theft protection through its regular homeowners policy.
  • With its Home Protector certification, provides protection against inflation and other expense fluctuations.


  • Doesn’t provide access to local insurance agents
  • Has fewer discounts than some competitors

Armed Forces Insurance – Homeowners Insurance for Veterans and Military Members

Armed Forces Insurance (AFI), which may be less well-known than USAA, has been helping military families since 1887. Auto, business, pet, renters, and house insurance for veterans and active military personnel are among the numerous insurance products that AFI, like USAA, offers.

It distinguishes itself with an outstanding array of discounts and a long list of endorsements. You can personalize your coverage with AFI’s 15 alternative options.

  • Has more discounts than USAA
  • Provides add-on coverages such as carport and golf cart protection excluded by most companies
  • Offers helpful online resources for dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and permanent change of station (PCS)
  • Requires you to provide your Social Security number (SSN) to get a quote, which some providers do not
  • Has limited customer service hours

Farmers – Homeowners Insurance for Veterans and Military Members

Farmers is one of our top-rated homeowners insurance providers and offers a special discount for military personnel, while not being exclusively for military personnel like USAA and AFI are.

With an outstanding AM Best financial strength rating and acceptance into the J.D. Power customer experience survey, the 1928-founded company has solidified its reputation as a reliable supplier of many insurance lines, including business, home, and auto insurance.

Farmers - Homeowners Insurance for Veterans and Military Members
Farmers – Homeowners Insurance for Veterans and Military Members

Farmers is one of our top recommendations due to its customized coverage and military discount. While state-specific coverage limitations may vary significantly, most companies only permit you to cover between 50% and 75% of this amount for personal property, whereas homeowners can often choose to purchase between 40% and 200% of their dwelling coverage maximum. Additionally, the business provides substantial liability coverage and adaptable dwelling coverage.

  • Provides liability protection up to $2 million, which is more than most rivals offer.
  • Access to a network of neighborhood agents
  • Offers special reductions on house insurance, like a non-smoker discount
  • Coverage options may vary by state
  • Provides fewer endorsements than USAA and AFI

Geico – Homeowners Insurance for Veterans and Military Members

Geico, which is most known for its vehicle insurance, is a well-known provider of homeowners insurance for veterans as well. Geico, which was established in 1936, is a sensible option for veterans. Instead of writing homeowners insurance policies directly, Geico collaborates with other reliable insurance companies to match applicants with the business that will best serve their needs.

A 15% discount on one of Geico’s insurance policies may be available to veterans, active military personnel, and members of their families. Additionally, Geico provides discounts for members of professional military organizations including AUSA, AFBA, and NLUS as well as savings for emergency deployments.

  • Allows you to pay monthly premiums directly on Geico, regardless of which partnering provider underwrote your policy
  • Includes a variety of options for customer care, such as online chat, a mobile app, and an online customer portal.
  • Offers three unique military discounts
  • Does not underwrite its own insurance policies
  • May require you to contact a representative to complete the quote process

Lemonade – Homeowners Insurance for Veterans and Military Members

If military personnel want to make a good difference in the lives of fellow service members, Lemonade is a great option. Your unused premiums are donated to a select selection of charities each year at the end of the Lemonade giveback program. One of these groups is Objective Zero, a tech firm that links service personnel, veterans, and their families to resources for suicide prevention.

Lemonade - Homeowners Insurance for Veterans and Military Members
Lemonade – Homeowners Insurance for Veterans and Military Members

Although Lemonade doesn’t provide specific discounts for service members or veterans, its house insurance prices are considerably less expensive than those of rivals, making it a cost-effective option.

  • Is a B Corporation, demonstrating its dedication to social responsibility.
  • Based on our secret shopping process, offers some of the most cost home insurance in the business.
  • Can quickly resolve simple home insurance claims, such a camera that was stolen.
  • Does not provide veterans or active military personnel with any discounts or special coverage.
  • Has limited state availability compared to Geico

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