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The 7 best tire brands for sports cars

Our rating of the best tire brands for sports cars today is aimed for fans of sports summer tires who only select ultra and ultra-high performance tires for their strong automobile or SUV.

It should be noted that UHP and U-UHP tires were created by manufacturers employing racing technologies to offer superb grip and handling at high speeds both on public roads and on racetracks. There has been a rise in interest in high-speed tires in recent years.

Remember that while being made by numerous brands and coming in a variety of sizes from 16 to 17, these tires are most popular among owners of the most powerful and massive cars in sizes starting at 20 inches. For owners of smaller and more powerful cars, this enables them to attempt to assess the quality of a sporty ride. Additionally, the rating of best tire brands for sports cars has been considerably upgraded for the summer of 2022.

Best tire brands for sports cars


MICHELIN- Best tire brands for sports cars

The French multinational tire company Michelin has been in operation since 1889. Behind the titan Bridgestone and ahead of companies like Goodyear and Continental, Michelin is regarded as the second-largest tire producer in the world.

From the Golden Wrench Winner for Best All Season CrossClimate2 to the Golden Wrench Winner for Best Performance tire, the Pilot Sport S4, Michelin provides 50 distinct tire styles. It is one of the manufacturers that provides a variety of tires designed specifically for winter weather.

Michelin has an outstanding reputation for producing high-quality tires all across the world and with each rating agency we looked at. Because of this, Michelin is the recipient of our Golden Wrench Award for Best Overall Tire Brand as well as the best tire brands for sports cars .


Continental tire brand

German tire maker Continental has been in operation for more than 150 years. It is a component of a sizable global corporation that offers a wide range of subsystems for use in the automotive and transportation industries. The business has many aspects than just making tires.

In the US, Continental offers a selection of 59 different tires. Continental produces outstanding high-performance tires, touring tires, medium-duty truck and SUV tires, but less so for the extreme mud-terrain and all-terrain types because it primarily focuses on mainstream vehicle tire production.


Bridgestone tire brand for sport car

Bridgestone, a maker of tires in Japan, has been producing hoops since 1931. Bridgestone Corporation is the largest tire producer as well as the best tire brands for sports cars in the world as a result of its 1988 acquisition of Firestone and numerous additional purchases over the years.

The Bridgestone brand, which has more than 100 different tire models for almost every type of driver, is maintained. Its ultra-high- and high-performance range is called Potenza, although it also offers Turanza and Ecopia tires for passenger cars. With its Blizzak tire, of which it currently produces nine distinct versions, it is also credited with fundamentally revolutionizing the approach to winter tires in the 1990s.


Yokohama Tires brand

Although Japanese tire maker Yokohama has been producing tires since 1917, it has only become well-known in the United States since 1969. Since then, it has established two US manufacturing plants and grown to be a well-known company by offering tires for numerous OEM applications.

The ADVAN brand of performance tires, the Avid all-season/touring tires, and the Geolandar truck and SUV portfolio make up the majority of the 76 different Yokohama models that are accessible to US consumers. Additionally, it offers a variety of winter tires.



Another one of the Akron rubber businesses, Cooper, has been around since 1914. Although there were a few really dismal times, it has recently been on the increase and has been producing some standout models in a few categories.

It can’t compete with the large variety of the major manufacturers because it only offers 21 distinct model options, but it does well in the markets where it sells items. Its Discoverer truck and SUV tire has long been a customer favorite, while muscle car enthusiasts continue to adore the Cooper Cobra, one of the few solid white-letter tires with thick sidewalls available in 14 and 15-inch widths.



Since the development of vulcanization, American tire company Goodyear has been engaged in the tire manufacturing industry. It was established in 1898 and is now among the best tire brands for sports cars in four tire manufacturers worldwide.

Goodyear offers an astounding 85 distinct tire models, ranging from high-performance tires like the Eagle F1 Supercar to affordable all-season tires for commuter sedans like the Radial LS. There is a wide selection there as well, with trucks and SUVs accounting for around half of Goodyear’s tire offerings.


BFGoodrich tire brand

One of the first tire companies to exist, BFGoodrich has been producing tires since 1870. Since joining the Michelin family of brands in 1990, it has continued to have a significant position in the US market.

BFGoodrich has mainly concentrated on a small variety of just 21 different tire models to maintain its legacy as a household name. The All-Terrain T/A K02 and Mud Terrain KM3 tires, as well as the g-Force ultra-high performance tires, are its most well-known models. The only other white-letter 14- and 15-inch tire for classic cars is the Radial T/A. It has also done well with its Advantage T/A touring tires, which are a replacement for sports vehicles and commuter sedans.


The ideal best tire brands for sports cars for you will depend totally on how you drive, where you drive, what kind of car you drive, and how much money you have to spend.

Start by reading customer reviews and ratings. conducting the necessary research to determine which tire type best suits your requirements, and starting the process of comparison shopping to find the best brands and pricing. Once you’ve chosen the tire that best suits your requirements, be sure to compare pricing at nearby tire shops as well as online tire retailers because many of them will price match.

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